I am excited you are here! 

The food we eat can have a direct impact on health, including things like mood, energy levels, hormonal balance, autoimmunity and many others.   I am Cheri Piscia-Nichols and am a Certified Nutrition Consultant with a mission to inspire and empower you to consistently feel good, physically, mentally and emotionally using real food, as well as supportive lifestyle practices.  It is a common belief that we have to follow a special "diet" to stay healthy, but a one size fits all approach can be hard to sustain, doesn't work for everyone and can be very restrictive, leaving out important nutrients that our bodies and brains need (not to mention leaving us hungry all of the time).

It can be challenging to figure out how to eat healthy based on the available information that is conflicting, and always changing. So where to start? That is where I come in!  Based on my training in nutrition, my background in the sciences, and passion for empowering people to take control of their health,  I would love to help you achieve your health and wellness goals! 


Are you ready to liv rejuvenated?